Hi!  Welcome to Christina's Cookbook!  


My name is Christina.  I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I love to cook!


When it comes to my love of cooking, my greatest influence was my mother who loved to travel and experiment with different types of cuisine in the kitchen.  My siblings and I like to brag that we never ate the same thing twice!  At one time, we were a Navy family and this took us to many different parts of USA and the South Pacific.  This exposed us to new flavor pallets that continues to influence my love of cooking to this very day.  Pictured below is my mother, brother (Steve), sister (Pam) and I (the baby).  



My mission for this website is to create an easily accessible database to quickly access my tried and tested recipes and share with those who love good food as much as I. Today, diet and health plays a big role in my food choices and this is reflected in many of the recipes I share here.  Although, I do believe it's okay to treat yourself to something sweet from time to time.   :)


I hope you enjoy browsing my recipes and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section!  Feel free to fill out a Contact Form so can I learn more about your recipe ideas!